Eye Candy

The summer is fast approaching- or so it seems. So, I decided to have a quick shop around for this seasons eyewear.


Butterfly Cateye sunglasses from Topshop

Brown Tortoise Shell Cateye sunglasses from River Island


Original RayBan from Sunglass Hut


Patent aviator sunglasses brown from Missguided

805289304449_shad_frClubmaster RayBan from Sunglass Hut

Ok, so there not all new, some are classics that I threw in the mix but hey…. we all love a bit of vintage! Hope you are all enjoying the warm weather?



New Job…


So, I haven’t posted for a while but I do have a good excuse… Honest! I’ve just started a new job working for a digital-based marketing agency in Leeds and it was my first day on Monday. It’s been so difficult my first few days, trying to understand their technical jargon and abbreviations. I guess that anything worth doing isn’t supposed to be easy right?

It’s seriously a great opportunity for me and I’m sure it’s completely normal to be wondering why on earth they hired me when I don’t seem to know anything. Hopefully, taking notes and Googling literally everything, will soon pay off. Plus everyone seems really friendly so the more I get to know them, the easier it will be to ask them for help. I hate feeling useless though, I’m used to being the driving force in my last role, so it’s strange being the complete opposite for now.

I love that the weather is picking up now and we are actually seeing some sunshine. I have to get the earlier bus for my new job which makes me get there half an hour early than I should be. At first it was a little annoying but then I stumbled across this beautiful lake, just next to work.

So, now every morning I’m going to go for a power walk before work. I’m not sure about you guys, but I am definitely not a morning person and exercise is a great way to wake me up! What’s even better is, there is an airport runway just at the end, so if you’re there at the right time, you can see the planes taking off.

Hair Care Tips

So it’s now February, and summer is fast approaching although it may not seem like it yet. After the sub-zero temperatures we have had this winter, it’s time to start taking care of our hair! Nobody wants dry, lifeless hair, so I have put together some essential re-energising hair care tips.

  • Use a Decent Shampoo & Conditioner- My hairdresser has always insisted on it, even if you can’t afford anything else. I also use Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil- It’s enriched with 6 flower extracts, which leaves my hair feeling soft & nourished. It’s relatively cheap (around £10.00) and lasts for months. Don’t worry, it won’t make your hair greasy, just pop a little squirt on your hands and massage into your ends before blow drying. It makes all the difference!
  • a-mum-reviews-loreal-extraordinary-oil-reviewLeave Conditioner in Overnight- Show your hair a little TLC at least once a month or once a week, if in desperate need. This will leave your hair feeling silky smooth when you wake up.
  • Cool Rinse- Doing a final rinse in cool water makes the hair appear shinier.
  • Use a Hair Mask-  “Extra virgin” coconut oil is best, but any oil without added extras will do. Coconut oil is especially good for damaged hair because it penetrates the hair much more than other oils. It’s also great for dandruff, dry or itchy scalps.
  • Visit the Hairdressers- By getting a regular trim, you’ll get rid of your damaged ends. Plus, your stylist may also recommend you some treatments to revitalise your hair.
  • Lay off the heat- Try an up-do or go au natural and embrace you natural hair as much as you can. Doing so enhances the natural beauty of your mane.

Do you have any hair tips to share, please your comments in the box below?