Keep it Clean!!


Real Techniques Make up brushes available at Boots

If your like me, then you probably forget to wash your makeup brushes. Your supposed to do it on a weekly basis but honestly, it’s been around 6 months for me! **embarrassed face** It’s really quite bad when you think about it, all the bacteria from the bottom of your makeup bag along with an endless amount of makeup used on a brush. It’s not great and if your struggling with acne or irritated skin, this will definitely not help!

1) If your looking for a quick fix, I would recommend Mac Brush Cleaner- £11. It’s simple enough to use, just swipe over the brush with a tissue- using a gentle circular motions.


Mac Brush Cleaner available at Debenhams

2) It’s also good to give a deeper clean by using luke-warm water and a gentle soap to gentle rub over your hands until you remove the excess makeup.

So there we have it, theres no excuse to have dirty brushes. #KeepItClean!